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Code reduction helping

code reduction helping

but then I'd somehow need to be able to tell the view which implementation it should use to draw the view, which seems problematic because it seems to blur the line between View and Controller. Nike : 5 de remise supplémentaire. with the same controller action. ElseIf lue 0 Then artObjects Chart 556.Activate lect, with rder.Weight xlThin.LineStyle xlAutomatic, end With adow False vertIfNegative False, with terior.ColorIndex.Pattern xlSolid, end With lect AutoText:True, LegendKey:. I quickly reworked the code again, this time to bring back the helpers (generally keeping the views, code promo fashion outdoor box model, and controller changes) and finally ended up with this: View:.) @Html. It involved creating a new Model to house a superset of the possible control properties and a new view to be drawn for each different control set (one for Audit, and one for Review). The problem with it was the resulting View API was ugly: @nderAction DrawControl new id "ID".

controller: / One common action that is used to determine which control should be drawn public ActionResult DrawControl(FieldControl model) if (shouldRenderAudit) return PartialView AuditControl model else return PartialView ReviewControl model Helper: public static MvcHtmlString DrawControl(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string id,.) var model new FieldControl. Gemo : réduction de 10 pour 35 d'achat valable sur. Europcar : rembourse 10 sur les locations. This would keep the model and view separate, but feels dirty because then the html helper would become responsible for more than just building the html. Problems Reply, since you are using MVC3, I would recommend using child actions for the sub fields: px, child actions allow you to execute an action on a controller inside of your view, this would be a much cleaner approach. Is there a place where I can go to find custom handy functions I can use to reduce my code? I need to simplify my code down, is there a way to use like a "for loop" like for i1-4 then replace the spots where I have the 14 below with i somehow. Original Value - Same as above.

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QC View - The form filled out by someone who reviews the work performed in Agent view. I imagine there is a way but I dont know how to write the code myself. I have a fairly simple data audit web application written with ASP MVC which effectively has two views of the same model for different purposes. QC Action - The corrected "New Action" if improperly chosen by the agent. Dernières réductions, spartoo : 15 dès 150 d'achats. Nous portons une attention toute particulière à vous présenter ces offres dans une interface claire et conviviale pour vous permettre de trouver rapidement le bon code réduction et de terminer votre achat en toute sérénité. Agent view - The form filled out by the person validating information the information. One possible solution that I've considered is to separate the different types of controls into different classes which implement a common interface and then pass them as type parameters to more generic html helpers.

Each field on the form in this view has 3 subfields:. Agent Value - The value provided in 1b above by the agent. Action - A general indication of what happened.

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